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MozHack Paris event

MozHack Paris, the event full of great and nice people in one place, the event I won’t forget.

I had a chance to attend the l10n/QA event in Paris last month, where people from all around the world communities joined in one place, at Mozilla’s office in Paris so they could share their knowledge, discuss about future plans for Firefox and Firefox OS and most important (in my opinion), meet new people and have a good time.

Mozilla Office in Paris Mozilla Office in Paris

As far as I can say about my team (QA), I was really satisfied with each of them as they all had unique ideas about future testings of the Firefox OS, also Marcia was excellent at teaching us about basics of QA, she was very detailed and I think all of us could in near future improve this knowledge and use it to teach other people who are interested in this area.

QA team working hard QA team working hard

I am glad that I met all these nice and good people, with whom I had great conversations, laugh a lot and spent one the best weekend in 2015. In the end it was all about meeting the new people, making new friendships, learning new things and experiencing something new (for me and for the others too, I guess), and I hope there will be again small event like this, as I enjoyed in this, I’m sure I will enjoy in next one, but until then, thank you my friends and looking forward to our next meeting.

Group photo Group photo

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