I went to Engineering High School, Tehnoart Beograd, class Computer Software Engineering. School had many classes for engineering and for art. My class mostly focused on 3D modeling engineering machines and parts. We worked in many popular softwares, like AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Catia. Couple of times I participate in 3D modeling school contest, but I wasn’t much successful. During the education we also learned basics of programming languages such as C/C++ and Pascal.
In the 3rd year of high school, I got attracted by graphic design world so I started learning Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. As the time passed and I finished the high school, I was more and more interested in web design and programming and less in graphic design, although I still use them for personal projects. Writing codes seemed easier and better for me, so I started with HTML and CSS.

Currently, I’m a student at the ICT College of Vocational Studies in Belgrade, class Telecommunication, where I’m improving in the fields of network administration and security (Cisco & MikroTik) and system administration (Linux and Windows). In addition to these areas, I went through a couple of programming subjects where I learned basics of C and Java, as well as through the subjects in the field of multimedia that helped me to improve my knowledge of Adobe software tools, Photoshop and Flash.


In January 2014 I joined Mozilla Serbia community as a localizer. I usually translated website and web projects. Later I worked on translations of Firefox OS and Firefox for Desktop. In May 2015, with other members of my community, I went on MozBalkan event in Bucharest, capital city of Romania. There I joined the whole QA thing. Testing different things, devices and applications was something i really wanted to do, so I joined the QA team as a volunteer of course. I liked the projects I participated in, such as BuddyUp (support application for Firefox OS), Pin the Web (excellent feature that replaced standard bookmarking) and Firefox OS itself. In October 2015, I went to the Paris on MozHack Paris event, as one of five chosen QA volunteers. I was really happy I got a chance to join them and I learned a lot about writing test cases, filling the bugs and other basics of QA.

As Firefox OS died, now I’m testing Firefox Nightly and the localization of other Mozilla projects on Serbian language.

In March 2016, I got a chance to be included in QA Contributor Spotlight, on Mozilla’s QA website. It is an article where I talked about my experience in volunteering for Mozilla since I joined. You can read read the article here.