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Blue Team Home Lab

Blue Team Home Lab is a project that focuses on creating a home lab for blue team operations with limited resources. It focuses on getting experience in networking, how VMs can communicate between themselves, how logs can be used for security analysis, SIEM operations, malware analysis, and more. The project is good for all those who wish to enter in blue team fields, especially newcomers and students.

Awesome Networking

Awesome Networking is a collection of courses, books, tutorials, softwares and other resources about Networking and Network Administration, that everyone can access and contribute to it by adding new awesome resources.

GNS3 Cisco Security lab exercises

In 2018 I graduated at ICT College in Belgrade, class Telecommunication, and my final thesis was from subject Computer Network Security, theme “Packet analyzing and security of computer networks”, where I described common network attacks and threats, how to detect them and mitigate them. From that, I decided to create a lab projects that future student’s generations could use. Lab exercises includes demonstration of those attacks (for education purposes only) and how to prevent them by implementing various features on Cisco devices.


pynetcalc is a simple terminal IP Subnet Calculator written in Python 3, that works for both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. It is intended for all those who need to quickly get basic informations about some IP address like network address, usable hosts, broadcast address, etc. It’s source code is available on my GitHub account and it’s under a GNU General Public License v3.0.

Privacy of your data

“Privacy of your data” is a project with a goal to spread awareness and share my knowledge and personal experience about Internet privacy and security and to encourage others to involve more into this subject.

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